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Human Acupuncture Models

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Human Acupuncture Models

Our wide range of human acupuncture models facilitates the demonstration of the acupuncture theory to everyone because of the location of the acupuncture points at the correct places. We have to our name both female acupuncture models and male acupuncture models for specific demonstration. The fame of the most reliable male acupuncture models manufacturer rests upon us for the above reasons.

KK-087: Deluxe acupuncture model 178cm
KK-087: Deluxe acupuncture model 178cm Highly illustrated and detailed, this colorful plastic model depicts the 14 Primary channels, 361 acupoints and the 48 extraordinary acupoints on the right side, along with markers for easy evaluation of distances between points. The left side is a subcutaneous view providing an invaluable look at the neural distribution, artery, vein, blood vessel and muscular structures. The left side also depicts upper and lower extremity Extra point not located on the Primary channels. Suitable for teaching and learning of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage etc.

Packing: 126x45x59cm, 1pc/carton, 40kgs

KK-095: Ear acupuncture model 22cm
KK-095: Ear acupuncture model 22cm The ear acupuncture models are made of PVC plastic, show the location of acupuncture points on the auricle reflecting the corresponding viscera and parts of human body. Pamphlet describing the points are included.

Packing: 53x39x51cm, 30pcs/carton, 18kgs

KK-099: Hand acupuncture model 13cm
KK-099: Hand acupuncture model 13cm This PVC hand model demonstrates main functional parts on hand which correspond to main organs in human body. Vivid illustration with wooden stand.
Size: 20x12cm
Packing: 50x35x40cm, 100pcs/carton, 10kgs

KK-121: Life-size Head acupuncture model
KK-121: Life-size Head acupuncture model This soft PVC educational model depicts all important head and neck acupuncture channels and points. It also illustrate the Chinese Scalp Therapy insertion lines, selected extra points not found on the primary channels such as Yu Yao, Yin Tang, Tai Yang and the Facial Microsystem acupoints. Complete with acupoint name and location guide (Chinese and English).

Size: 20CM tall.
Packing: 88x38x47cm, 4pcs/carton, 12kgs

KK -104: Foot acupuncture model 17cm
KK -104: Foot acupuncture model 17cm Packing: 53x39x51cm, 30pairs/carton, 18kgs